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11:11 and other ways the universe communicates with you

We recently had the 11th day of the 11th month, which is a very spiritual time of year. And that 11/11 energy got me all fired up for this post, which is all about receiving guidance from the universe.

Funny that on the 11th day of the 11th month, I kept seeing 11s everywhere. This was the one I liked most:

universe communicating through phone screen

Just reading an article on Google and the screenshot of the mobile phone used in the article was taken at 11:11.

This one was kind of cool too – especially considering I’ve never shopped on AliExpress or even used their website – so I’m not quite sure how I ended up on their mailing list:

email with 1111 universe

A lot of people wouldn’t have even noticed these.

But when you do start noticing them, every day, you start to wonder WTF is going on.

If you’re seeing repeating number sequences, don’t freak out – it’s a good thing. It’s a sign that you’re on a spiritual journey, or it’s just beginning. This is one of the many ways that the universe speaks to you.

This is interesting stuff, so let’s just get right into it.

Are you seeing repeating numbers?

On receipts, phone numbers, door numbers and addresses, digital clocks, birth dates…there are so many ways these numbers show themselves to you.

It seems to be the most common way that people receive messages from the universe, especially initially. Here’s my little theory on why:

Us humans attach a lot of significance to numbers, and we tend to have a need to see things in plain sight before we believe them.

So the universe starts with something obvious like shoving numbers in our faces. We become intrigued and start to ask questions to figure out what’s going on. As we receive all this new information and start to connect the dots, we become more receptive and in tune – in other words, we awaken – we start to become aware of the spiritual world around us.

That’s when the universe can then begin to communicate with us in other, more subtle ways that guide us more powerfully (we’ll get into those next).

11:11 has become a worldwide phenomenon because more and more people are seeing it repeatedly and that is an amazing thing – it means the world is waking up. There are many repeating number sequences that people see on their spiritual journeys – not a day goes by where I don’t see a 19:19, 13:13, 12:34, 12:12 and 16:16, to name just a few.

But 11:11 is the one that people report most because it’s normally the first thing that people start to notice when they begin a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

I can vouch for this – before I saw any other repeating number sequences, I saw 11:11 every day for weeks straight.

What to do when you see repeating numbers

In the case of 11:11, there’s a general consensus that it’s a wake-up call. It’s a reminder to watch your thoughts and keep them positive, as they’re manifesting into your reality very quickly. I normally use it as my reminder to think thoughts of gratitude, and just say ‘thank you’.

The more numbers I saw, the more research I did. Every time I saw a new one, I’d be looking up the meaning on this site, which uses numerology to decipher a general message.

However, I’ve come to a conclusion that is worth way more than any theory you’ll find on the internet:

Don’t bother.

I personally would advise against trying to interpret the actual meaning of these numbers as I think it’s a very personal thing. It’s a message from the universe for you – it’s about your circumstances and your spiritual journey. Which means no interpretation found on the internet could truly be accurate.

You can note what you were thinking about at the moment you noticed the numbers – that can be a more reliable indicator as to what the universe is trying to tell you.

I was unsure about starting this blog, so I prayed for a sign that it was the right path for me. That’s when I started seeing the numbers, and the more I put my doubts aside and got excited about launching it, the more I saw them.

Seeing those numbers gave me the confidence that I was doing the right thing.

So rather than get caught up in what the literal meaning of them is – just take it as a sign that the universe is there, hearing you and guiding you.

How do you know it’s a spiritual sign?

How do you know it’s the universe showing you these numbers?

You can feel it.

There have been many times where I’ve caught the clock at 11:10, and tried to wait for 11:11 because I really wanted to see it.

Every time I tried to do that, I always missed it. I’d get distracted, and by the time I look back at the clock it’s long gone.

When you’re looking for these numbers, it just doesn’t feel the same.

When it’s the universe, it catches you by surprise – every time. It feels surreal, like your attention was directed to those numbers by force. Like you were meant to see them in that moment. Am I making any sense right now???

Recently I was reading through some comments in a forum and I noticed one of the commenters had a message in her tagline about her baby girl being born on the 10.10.10. For a few moments, I thought about how cool that was. Then I looked away and caught the numbers on the digital clock beside me – it was 10:10.

So surreal.

I told this story in full here – so I’ll give you the shorter version of my craziest experience with these numbers yet.

After a few weeks of seeing 11:11 and 12:12 on the clock daily, I asked the universe/God/Higher Power to show me the number 12 on a number plate if it was really a sign. I then proceeded to walk through a car park packed with cars, looking for the number.

But as I said earlier, whenever I try to look for these signs, they never come – so I only saw one – but I knew it wasn’t the universe. I felt no jolt, nothing surreal. I was also extra sceptical because of the fact that I was in a car park, packed with cars!

I then got into my car and started my drive home, and as I was turning out of the car park, I noticed the number 12 spray painted on a lamppost. A lamppost I drove past EVERY DAY and never even looked at before.

I mean, why would I look at a lamppost?!

The universe is real, and it wants to speak to us. It wants to guide us. It wants to help us.

We just need to be open to receiving that help, and we can’t be afraid to ask.

I only started seeing these numbers in 2017, and this whole year has changed me so much. I’ve taken more chances and risks as I’ve been comforted by the strongest feeling that the universe is guiding me through life.

The universe and meaningful coincidences

The universe is always placing people and events in our paths to teach us lessons as we grow and evolve. Everything happens for a reason. One of the ways that this is done is through meaningful coincidences, also known as synchronicity. In a nutshell:

“Synchronicities are preprogrammed experiences that occur when one’s DNA is programmed for a specific event in time. … Something happens. You react. You think, “This is a coincidence. I must investigate further.” You do … then more synchronicities occur and you are suddenly following an exciting line of action and reaction. Your soul is sending you on a journey.

Now more than ever, synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on something going on in your life.

The more ‘consciously aware’ you become of how your soul manifests, the higher your frequency becomes and the faster you manifest positively.

Each day your life encounters meaningful coincidences, synchronicities, that you have attracted, on other words created in the grid of your experiences in the physical. Souls create synchronicities, played out in the physical. It is why you are here. It is how our reality works.” – Crystallinks

This is what I love about life. Meaningful coincidences are so exciting when you connect the dots and figure out what the universe is trying to show you. They happen all the time.

You might have a song in your head – and then you get in your car, turn on the engine and the exact song is playing on the radio. Or you walk into a store and it’s playing. Listen to the universe – think about the lyrics of the song, or how the song makes you feel – could there be a message in there?

You might have an urge to relocate – whether it’s for a job opportunity or just a need to escape and find a new challenge. Then you meet the love of your life in that new city or country. That’s synchronicity – your soul gave you that urge to move because it knew that’s where you would find love.

You might be thinking of someone – and then they message or call, or you bump into them. Take note of the interaction you have – it could be significant.

As your awareness of the spiritual world around you grows, you won’t be so quick to write things off as ‘just a coincidence’. It’s easy to follow the path the universe is leading you down. Just live your life with no resistance.

Impulses + intuition

Everything you want comes from your soul.

Everything you dream about comes from your soul.

Every passion you have comes from your soul.

Every desire you have is aligned with what your soul wants – and in order to get to the things that truly make you happy, the universe has to guide you there.

Your intuition and impulses are a common way the universe will move through you to bring to you to your desires.

Like everything else, you know it’s the universe because it feels different.

It feels surreal.

You know when you just know – you have the strongest feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something.

Intuition is one of the strongest forms of guidance – but you need to learn to tune into it, and more importantly, to trust it.

I normally experience more impulses and stronger intuitive insights when I’m meditating regularly.

There’s so much going on in our minds all the time, that it does require those few minutes of silence and focus a day to allow you to experience this kind of guidance. It helps you distinguish between brain fuzz and clear messages from the universe.

The universe is communicating with us all the time. All you have to do is ask for it.


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