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15 power quotes

15 power quotes to motivate and inspire you

Well hello, and welcome to 2018! We’re 5 days into January and the energy should be fresh and powerful – but I’m personally feeling a little sluggish after a long festive break and lots of downtime. Is it just me? No? Don’t worry – I got you. For the first mini monthly of the year, I’ve collected 15 motivational quotes I love to inspire your mind and fire up your soul.

These powerful quotes are perfect for new years and fresh starts – but they can keep you going all year long too. Why not bookmark this post for a pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little uninspired?

Better yet – print them out here and stick them somewhere that you’ll see them every day!

Ready to start putting those dreams into motion? Let’s do this!






So there you go – 15 power quotes to get you fired up and ready to KILL the first month of 2018.

Actually – scrap that. Use them to kill the whole of 2018! These words serve as a much-needed reminder that it’s never too late to start chasing your dreams, achieving your goals and living your best life.

Be proud of every step you take towards the things that you want – no matter how small, it’s all progress.

Enjoy the journey and be kind to yourself along the way, don’t neglect the importance of self-care. Keeping your vibration high is key to manifesting your desires.

But most importantly, never underestimate the effects of some wise words on the brain – mindset is everything. When I need a boost of inspiration I often turn to quotes like these, using them as screensavers on my phone and laptop, and even writing them out on post-its and sticking them around my space.

Happy manifesting – you got this!

Download the power quotes printable here!

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