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spirituallyempowered astrology part 2

Amazing things you can do with astrology | Part 2: Transform your relationships


I love astrology so much that in order to tell you everything I want to tell you about it, I had to split my post up into a series otherwise it would have been like, a million words.

So in Part 1, I told you all about natal charts and how they can help you discover SO much about who you are, how your personality works and how other people relate to you.

And this right here is Part 2, where we’re gonna have a little chat about relationships and how astrology can help you figure out your nearest and dearest. I’ve got some tips and tricks to share with you about how to assess compatibility PROPERLY as well.

No more “I’m a Taurus and he’s a Capricorn so we must be compatible”

Ohhh no. NONE OF THAT. This is the real juicy stuff I’m about to tell you – exciting!!! LOL.

I love this part of astrology, if that’s not already so very clear, so let’s just get right into it!

PS – Get ready to open a lot of new tabs.

How to understand other people by using astrology

Understanding other people is more than just knowing what sun sign they have. Why?

You and your sister could both be Gemini, but your sister might not communicate like a Gemini, or go about relationships like a Gemini would. She might be quiet and shy – the opposite of a typical Gemini – and you might think WTF I DO NOT GET HER.

Going off and reading about her sun sign won’t help, because it will tell you that you’re supposed to be the same.

Here’s the truth – each one of our personalities is actually a blend of all 12 signs, and we approach different issues and areas and life with the qualities of different signs. Did you know that?

If you didn’t, you probably haven’t read Part 1 yet. It explains it all, and this section will probably make a lot more sense once you’ve read it.

Now the sun sign is very significant, don’t get me wrong. But on its own, it’s a very small part of a massive picture. To find out about our true personalities, we need to read our natal charts. That will tell us which area of life we approach with the qualities of each sign.

We can use astrology to understand other people, and although it’s helpful to know a rising sign, as that can answer a huge amount of questions, we can also find out a great deal of information using another method and it works without a time of birth.

We look to the planets and the signs that they were in when that person was born.

Improve your communication

Each of the 12 planets is responsible for our approaches to different areas of life. See here:

ruling astrology planets

So when we need to understand someone’s style of communication, we look to where Mercury, the planet of communication, is found in their chart. This is their Mercury sign.

There are many times in life where you might find yourself wanting to do this. I mean, have you ever had someone in your life that you just couldn’t get along with, no matter how hard you tried?

A boyfriend or girlfriend you would constantly argue with? Or someone who you just didn’t get?

Here’s where knowing your Mercury signs can help.

Wherever your Mercury is sign reveals how you communicate – your style of speaking and writing.

It’s easy to find out a Mercury sign, and you don’t need a time of birth. Look yours up here, then go read about what it means right here.

Mercury travels very closely with the sun so it’s always going to be in your sign, the sign just before yours or the sign after yours.

Quick compatibility: Mercury signs

mercury sign compatibilty
If you both have Mercury in the same sign:
You’ll have similar communication styles. That could be really good, or cause clashes!

If you have Mercury in opposite signs: as in, one of you has Mercury in Virgo, the other in Pisces, for example, you might find your style of communication is totally opposite as well. And that could either be amazing, or a disaster.

You never know how it’s going to pan out with opposite signs!

Assessing romantic compatibility

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, saucy!

I know you wanna know the juice – how do you really know if you’re compatible with another person?

By now, you know that just knowing their sun sign is helpful, but truly isn’t going to cut it.

I’m sure you see strong couples with incompatible sun signs all the time – look at Beyonce (Virgo) and Jay Z (Sagittarius) – they’ve been together for years!

(We’ll just ignore all those cheating rumours and the ‘Becky with the good hair’ stuff because they’re a really good example for my next point LOL)

Knowing a sun sign can only tell you so much, and let’s face it, you want to know how this person is, specifically when they’re in love, and if their values match up to your own.

To find that out, you first compare Venus signs (find yours out here, and what it means here).

Quick compatibility: Venus signs

venus sign compatibility

Like Mercury, if your Venus signs are in the same sign or opposite, it could go either way!

Venus is the love planet and her placement in your chart reveals the approach that you will take to love matters. It’s a more accurate way of assessing compatibility than sun signs because it’s specifically about how you act in romantic situations.

Back to Beyonce and Jay Z. Earth and Fire is not a typical match on paper, but when you look at their astrology you can see why they’ve been together for so long.

She has 5 planets in Libra, giving her a lot of Libran qualities. One of those planets is Venus, which is super compatible with his Venus, which is in Sagittarius.

Side note – Jay Z’s rising sign is Virgo and his moon sign is Libra. Um, they’re kind of a match made in heaven?!

Anyway, once you’ve figured out your Venus sign and that of the person you want to assess compatibility with, read a comparison of your Venus signs here.

The secret ingredient to romantic compatibility

It doesn’t stop at comparing Venus signs. There’s one more thing you need to know if you want to find out how compatible you are with someone else.

It’s the moon sign.

I mean, of course it is. The moon sign reveals how you handle emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings are the most important part of a relationship. The moon sign is very important.

Compatibility works the same as the tables for Venus and Mercury above, but I didn’t want to divide them into elements because I really want you to go and find out your individual moon sign.

Use this calculator. If you don’t have a birth time, do two calculations, one for your birth date at 12 AM and the other for your birth date at 11.59 PM.

If you get two different signs calculated, that means the moon changed signs the day you were born and you can’t be sure which one you are unless you have a birth time. (You could still read descriptions for both and see which one resonates with you)

Then go here and read a very accurate description of your moon sign.

Can we just talk about Kimye for a quick sec – now I know people have their opinions on these two. I don’t know them personally so I can’t comment on them or how they live their lives, but I can damn sure comment on their astrology because the basic elements of it are just perfect.

They’re both air signs – Kim Kardashian is a Libra and Kanye West is a Gemini.

They both have Earth Venus signs – he has Venus in Taurus and she has Venus in Virgo.

They’re also both in the Pisces moon crew – woop woop!

AND they both have Mercury in compatible elements – hers is water in Scorpio, and his is earth in Taurus.

I think this makes them a very good match astrologically. They probably communicate with each other really well and have similar outlooks on life. I haven’t looked at their full charts, but if the rest of it is as positive as this, this might be it for her.

(PLEASE don’t break up and make me look stupid now!)

Discover the kind of guy or girl your partner finds attractive

Yes, you read that right. You can use the planets to get an idea of the kind of girl or guy your loved one typically finds attractive.

Mars represents men in astrology, while Venus represents women.

So, to find out what kind of men your girl finds attractive, you look up her Mars sign. To find out what kind of women your man finds attractive, you look up his Venus sign.

Now I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble here, LOL, so I’m going to direct you to somewhere you can find out much more and get a good interpretation of the result as well!

Go here if you want to know what a man looks for in a woman, and go here if you want to know what a woman looks for in a man.

Notice patterns

Another thing you might find when you really get into astrology and start looking up signs, is the patterns in people that you are attracted to and that you tend to attract.

For example, I always tend to end up with guys who have water moon signs. Pretty much all my relationships have been with men who have Pisces moon like me, or Scorpio moons like my ascendant.

This year, I seem to be meeting a lot of earth signs with water moon signs. Last year it was fire signs with water moons. But no matter what the sun sign is, it’s always a water moon. Weird, right?

Look at your friends as well – I tend to form very deep connections with Scorpios. A lot of my friends are fire signs – I have one very close friend who is a triple fire sign which means she has her sun, moon and rising signs all in the fire element.

When you really get into astrology, you can do charts for all your friends and family and start picking up on patterns, it’s so interesting!

You can also get a full compatibility reading by doing what’s known in astrology as a synastry chart. It’s a composite of your natal chart and your guy or girl’s natal chart. You can see how your planets and houses match up. If you both have accurate birth times, you can get one here.

So I really hope this got you excited about astrology and all the ways you can use it to understand the people around you.

The third part and final part of this series is all about my favourite astrology resources – everything I’ve used to learn and love astrology so far. Plus, I’m throwing in some tips on using astrology to time everything just right!

See you then!

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