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spirituallyempowered why decluttering is a powerful practice you need to do

Why decluttering is a powerful practice you NEED to do

Having trouble sleeping?

Feeling anxious, demotivated or unhappy?

If you’ve been accumulating stuff that’s taking up space and causing clutter, THAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM.

I recently did a major declutter of my room – and it’s totally transformed my energy. That wasn’t the intention. I didn’t know that getting rid of clutter could have such a powerful effect on my life, but now that I do, I’ll never live in clutter again.

How it started

I’d been having trouble sleeping for about a month and it was making me tired to the point that things were slipping, like the frequency of my writing and my workouts.

Meditation was non-existent and my diet was shameful – I was just too knackered to be disciplined. I was drinking so much coffee and running on such little sleep that I pretty much had a permanent twitch in my left eye!

So I decided enough was enough. The twitchy eye was the last straw. I grabbed a binbag and the decluttering began.

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The decluttering operation

I didn’t initially think I’d fill that binbag – my room wasn’t exactly messy. There was a lot of stuff (I’ll admit it – I have hoarder tendencies) – but it was all crammed away in boxes and corners so I never noticed it accumulating.

I started with a stack of boxes that sat in a corner of my room, filled to the brim with letters – stuff I classed as too important to throw away should I ever need the details on them at some point.

As I started sorting through the letters, I realised that about three-quarters of them were junk mail. Just sitting in those boxes, contributing nothing to my life. I filled half that binbag with junk mail alone – no exaggeration.

I then went through every box, corner, drawer and cupboard in my room, loading more junk into the bin bag. The rule was – if I hadn’t needed it for the last two months, it went in the bin.

Things I needed that took up space, like exercise equipment, went into storage boxes.

By the end of it, I could barely tie the bin bag up with all the hidden clutter I’d discovered. All these things I’d accumulated, without even noticing.

The results

I walked out of the room to grab my keys and as I walked back in, I noticed three things.

I noticed that the bin bag literally had a huge rip in it because it was bursting with so much crap. D’oh!

I noticed the lovely empty spaces in my room that had previously been filled with clutter.

But mostly, I noticed that the energy in the room had cleared right up.

It’s hard to explain, but I felt a shift in the atmosphere. The best way I can describe how it felt was light.

Something else happened that night.

I slept like A LOG. For the first time in a month, there was no tossing and turning or waking up in the middle of the night. And when I woke in the morning, I felt energized. I’ve slept like that every night and felt the same every morning since.

Even when I’ve had a late night and an early start, I’ve been able to easily get out of bed, buzzing with energy.

Our spaces are like our minds – there’s a lot of stuff stored in there, and not all of it is necessary. Sometimes, we’re not even aware of all the clutter that’s taking up valuable space in our heads and in our lives.

Clearing our physical spaces will allow new, better things to flow into our lives, just like clearing our minds with meditation can encourage new, positive thoughts to fill our heads.

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Here are some decluttering tips to get you started:

  • Don’t limit decluttering to what you can see Check your cupboards, boxes and drawers for any hidden things lurking about that you no longer need
  • Clear your wardrobe of old clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore – I did this a week later and filled two whole bin bags with old clothes that were just lying around, taking up so much room! As a result, I’ve been able to rearrange my wardrobe and finding something to wear in the morning is SO much easier – make your wardrobe clear out a priority!
  • Labels are your friend – If you have things that look messy – like lots of charging cables for different devices (like me) you can label them and store them in a box, ready to pick out as and when you need them.
  • Purchase some storage boxes/jars – See my Amazon picks at the end of the post for a roundup of my favourite bits and bobs that are gorgeous and have helped me save SO much space!
  • Use your shoe boxes – The nice ones make good storage boxes! (The River Island leopard print shoe boxes though. Shoe shopping anyone?? It’s for a good cause! 😛 )
  • Label your storage boxes -This will save you from having to rummage through them all and making a mess when you need something
  • No hesitating – If you even have to consider throwing it away, you can throw it away (this is a lot harder than it sounds when it comes to your wardrobe declutter)
  • Create a rule or system – I chose to throw away anything I hadn’t needed within the last two months – but you can do what works best for you

Quick storage ideas

Storage is a huge part of decluttering. The more things you can store away, the more space there will be for energy to flow around your room.

I highly recommend getting yourself a stack of storage boxes like these. They fit sooo much in and there’s just something about a stack of pretty boxes that make a room look so elegant! I suggest putting the stuff you need, but hardly use, in the bottom box though as it can get annoying having to take the other two down to get to what’s in it. (or is that just me being SO lazy?!)

GIRLS – another thing that’s helped me a lot is storing my make-up in cosmetic holders like this. They are so handy and you can fit a surprising amount of products in them. They’ve saved a lot of room on my dressing table and in the drawers. As my dressing table doubles as my desk – this is a must!

And don’t forget that you can repurpose things – candle holders, sweet jars and dishes all make amazing storage options. I use this pencil holder to store my smaller make-up brushes and it looks so cute on my dressing table.

So now you have all the information you need to get your declutter on, there’s no excuse!

Just do it!

If anyone understands that it can be hard to throw things away sometimes, it’s me. But the benefits of decluttering your space are so worth it. I can’t even remember most of the things I threw away, and that’s because I truly didn’t need them.

Don’t procrastinate. Just get it done – the end result is going to be incredible for you.

Decluttering has improved my health and wellbeing SO MUCH. Try it!! Clear out a room in your house and create your own happy place. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

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