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spirituallyempowered incense obsession

Current obsession: incense for positivity (and some scent reviews!)

I’m really loving incense right now. Since going on my huge decluttering operation and turning my bedroom into a sacred space, incense has been a massive part of my rituals and routines.

The sense of smell can be a huge help to manifesting or even just staying positive. When you smell something that you associate with something positive, it instantly makes you feel good.

Even getting a whiff of an old perfume I used to wear can take me right back to those times and bring back so many nice memories.


How I use incense

I love to burn a stick first thing in the morning as I get ready for my day. It’s perfect with an inspiring audiobook or some relaxing music playing in the background.

This combo just puts me in a good mood and gets my day off to a good start. The sweet smell in the air works as a gentle reminder to take my time and stay chill – rather than rush out the door in a flap like I normally do!

Sometimes, I’ll burn a stick in the evenings as I write. I find that it improves my concentration and helps me to stay focused. It’s so soothing that even if I have a bunch of stuff to do, I never feel overwhelmed.

I also use it to aid my meditation – although I normally do that once it’s finished burning and the room is just filled with the scent. With all the deep breathing, I find it more comfortable to meditate once the smoke has cleared.

I occasionally have a stick burning as I settle down for the night. It fills the room as I get ready for bed and read a few pages of my book. I time it so that the stick has finished burning by the time I’m ready to fall asleep (safety first people! LOL).

I also use incense with my crystals:

cleansing crystal

But I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

Why I love incense

There are a few reasons why I love incense so much. Firstly, because it transforms the energy in a room and you can feel it. It also makes my bedroom smell incredible – obvs.

Secondly, it’s quite mesmerizing if you actually take a few moments to sit and watch it burn. I love the way the smoke looks as it twists and turns towards my ceiling.

Thirdly, I love the spiritual reasons for burning incense: it’s said to clear negative energy and purify environments, enhance manifestation and lift our spirits.

There’s nothing more relaxing and motivational than setting some solid intentions with some candles lit, chilled music in the background and some incense burning. When you make incense a part of your rituals, you’re reminded to think good thoughts and stay positive every single time you smell it.incense

Oh, and if you’re loving my cute little incense holder, you can get it here.

Finding your scents

I’ll be updating this post in the future as I’m still relatively new to incense and in the process of experimenting with different scents and brands.

Of course, the scents you like are a matter of personal taste and what’s for me may not be for you. But if you’re interested in trying out some new scents or brands, here’s what I can tell you about the ones I’ve tried so far.

Flute Incense

I was given two packs of incense by a friend of mine – the brand is called Flute Incense. The two scents given to me were Clove and Pitanga Flower.

clove incense


I was super excited about burning this when I first got it. The smell of the unlit stick is sooo nice – it’s like a sweet yet spicy smell. Cinnamon-esque. Once burned, the scent is quite strong, but without being overpowering or distracting. I’ve been known to burn two of these at once! It has a warm, sweet scent – sweet without being sickly as the floral undertones make it quite refreshing at the same time. I like!





flower incensePitanga Flower

I didn’t burn this one for a while as I was put off by the smell of the unlit stick. It smelt kind of sour – tangy?! But eventually, I ran out of Clove and had no other choice so I lit one up. BEST DECISION EVER. The scent is amazing! It kind of reminds me of a soap bar – very clean and fresh at first. Then the flowery notes kick in and make it smell feminine AF. I like to burn this as a little afternoon boost as it’s such a vibrant, energizing fragrance.

Like Clove, there’s a good level of strength – enough that you know it’s burning but without being too much. This stick also leaves a beautiful ‘after smell’ that lingers around for a few hours.

Pitanga Flower can be used to increase sensibility.


The second brand I’ve been experimenting with is Stamford. You get 20 sticks in a pack – I got 4 packs. The scents I went for were Meditation (a mix of vanilla, sandalwood and camomile), Vanilla, White Sage and Luck (aloe vera).

meditation incenseMeditation

Vanilla, sandalwood and camomile?! This mix sounds like it was hand-crafted by God himself! Honestly, I’m not familiar with the smell of sandalwood on it’s own but I’m pretty sure it smells nice. Plus, I LOVE vanilla, and camomile tea is LIFE. So it’s safe to say I was excited about this mix!

Meditation is a little bit stronger than I imagined it would be but it’s also very calming – perfect to burn before bed. I haven’t meditated with it yet but I can tell I’d be able to without the scent being too distracting. (UPDATE: I have now, and it’s lush. Not distracting at all. I also like to burn it while doing yoga – heavenly!)

The best way to describe the actual smell would be like a warm, spicy scent with notes of perfume and sugar. I recommend!

This fragrance is used to enhance prayer, yoga and meditation.

luck incenseLuck

I chose Luck on a whim – I saw the name and went straight for it. I’m not a huge fan of aloe vera (I got it in my eye once – and then it leaked into my throat…yeah, um, SUCH a long story but basically it was awful) so if I had realised that’s what this was, I probably wouldn’t have chosen it.

I’d love to say this is one of those things where I ended up really liking it – after all, anything associated with luck is something I’d want to burn all the time!

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It’s just too strong – extremely overpowering. It gave me a bit of a headache and made me feel slightly nauseous. Even sniffing the pack of unlit sticks brings back that feeling. However – the scent itself is refreshing – very clean.

I’ve decided to give this one more try, this time early in the morning because I’ve found that different scents work better at different times of the day. As this is such a powerful fragrance, I feel like it might bring a nice, uplifting boost to a morning routine. Don’t rule it out!

vanilla incenseVanilla

I chose Vanilla because it’s my ultimate favourite smell in life and I can never resist anything vanilla scented or flavoured. I knew that the incense probably wouldn’t smell like the vanilla I know and love, but I expected good things none the less.

The verdict? Vanilla is undoubtedly my favourite of all the incense I’ve burned so far. And it does smell like vanilla – yay!

The first few moments are sweet and creamy. A woody base becomes more apparent as the stick burns. The overall scent is warm and delicate, with gentle floral undertones and a hint of spice. It’s so light that it blends perfectly into the atmosphere, which makes it very soothing – ideal for winding down in the evening.

Vanilla incense is used to enhance creativity and reduce stress and anxiety.

white sageWhite Sage

I was specifically looking for this scent so I was very happy to find it. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some type of sage to burn as it’s commonly used to clear negative energy from the environment. I hear so much about sage that I was very intrigued to find out what it smelt like.

The strength of this stick is perfect – strong enough to make an impact and fill a room without being overpowering. Its base is warm and woody – which surprised me for some reason (I’m not sure what I was expecting!) but there’s also a very feminine scent to this which sticks out – like perfume. I like to burn this in the mornings – starting my day by expelling any negative energy naturally puts me in a really good, positive mood. UPDATE: Sadly I’ve realised that this scent gives me a headache. I’ve seen on a few forums that this is quite a common thing with sage – some people are just a little bit sensitive to the smell of it. You might not be one of those people, so don’t rule it out! Sucks that I am 🙁

Having a positivity trigger – something that you see, smell, feel, taste or hear that reminds you to be positive is a good way to keep your spirits high. Incense has become one of mine and that’s why I love and recommend it so much.

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure for more info!

spirituallyempowered incense obsession

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