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How to manifest an incredible 2018

So 2018 is almost here!

It’s been a weird year, right?

So many ups and downs. And I know that many of you are ready to leave it all behind.

The beauty of a new year is that it’s the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. SO MUCH can happen in a year. Think back to where and who you were this time last year. Think about the people that were around you too. I bet a lot has changed?

I actually can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. 365 days of fresh opportunities are on their way. I love the mystery of it – it’s exciting not knowing where I’m going to be by this time next year.

I wonder what kind of blog post I’ll be writing to you by then?!

Anyway, get excited with me. Because in this post, I’m going to take you through a journaling practice to raise your vibration and manifest a beautiful 2018 for yourself.

This practice will make you feel really good feelings like hope and inspiration – which is the key to seeing manifesting results (read this post if you haven’t been seeing those all-important results). You have to feel the good feelings of having what you want, in order to get your subconscious to believe what’s happening and manifest it into reality. It all starts with how you feel. So start the year as you mean to go on – feeling amazing!

Equipment needed to manifest your amazing new year:

Pen + Paper OR My free 2018 Worksheet (Here’s a link to download the PDF!)

Optional supplies:

Crystals, incense, candles, maybe even a little glass of wine. You know, because wine is life.


Make you’re in a space that you find calming and relaxing. If possible, it’s best you can do this somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. Light some candles and get a stick of incense burning to clear the space of any negative energy. Keep your crystals close by for extra positive energy, and if you like, take 5 minutes just to focus on your breathing and clear your mind. This post can help you if you struggle to meditate. Once you’re feeling happy and relaxed, you’re ready to begin.

book and journal

How to make the worksheet work for you

Handwrite your answers

I feel like it’s always best to handwrite any intentions you set. Purely because everything is energy, and the energy in those words you write comes directly from you, which sends a much more powerful vibration to the universe (I hope that made sense? It did in my head, LOL). And for this exercise, anything that’s going to make the intentions you set LOUDER and CLEARER is a good thing!

Use the present tense

little life changer worksheet

As you work through the answers, remember that everything you’re describing IS your experience. All you have to do is trust and believe that it can be if you want to manifest it into your reality:



As you journal, describe everything in the present tense because this IS your 2018.

Describe everything in the present tense because the universe IS going to deliver it, so it’s yours.

little life changer worksheetNotice that we’re not saying ‘I want’ in this practice. If you want it, you don’t already have it. That’s not the right mindset for this practice.

It’s a done deal – no negotiations. The universe will provide.

Get detailed

Go into a lot more detail than the examples pictured. You’re taking holidays in 2018? OK. Where exactly are you going? What hotel are you staying at? What activities are you doing? Get on Google and research your perfect holiday. Collect pictures of the places you want to visit while you’re there.

Show the universe you’re not playing around.

You’re getting a new car in the new year? What car – make, model, registration year, colour, automatic or manual???? Describe every detail of everything you want. Another plus side of getting this detailed is that weird, crazy, surreal feeling when you get your desire and you see that it’s exactly what you asked for.

gratitude littlelifechanger

Get rid of limiting beliefs

Writing in the present tense can be challenging because it forces you to change your mindset and write from a place of having, not wanting, which I understand is hard when you don’t actually have the thing that you want yet. This is where limiting beliefs will creep up on you and ruin the whole experience.

Don’t let this happen.

Don’t worry about how any of this is going to manifest – how the universe delivers our requests is none of our business.

When you order a pair of shoes online, you don’t sit and worry about how they’re going to be sourced and how they’re going to be packaged and how they’re going to find their way to your doorstep.

You place your order, knowing that it will be fulfilled because the retailer has their own way and system of doing things and that has nothing to do with you. You don’t even give the ‘how’ of the situation a second thought, even though one single online order involves a multitude of systems, people and technology to process.

You don’t care about any of that stuff – all you care about is getting the item you’ve ordered in your hands.

Treat your manifesting the same way.

Enjoy the process

This is supposed to be a fun experience that raises your vibration. No worrying about if it’s going to work or not. Just enjoy it. Enjoy getting clear about the things you want in life and the year that’s ahead of you. Get excited – your desires are on their way!

Simply knowing exactly what you want sets the manifestation process in motion, so you’ve already done half the work.

Finishing the practice

Just for extra good vibes, write a gratitude list of everything you’re grateful for this year once you’re done. Especially if you feel that you’ve had a shitty year. Write about all the good things that 2017 brought you – there will be something, even if it’s in the form of growth, lessons and experiences.

Then read it all over – both your gratitude list and your worksheet. Feel the excitement of knowing what you’ve just created. Store them away – and at the end of 2018, you can take a look back at everything you wrote and see how much of it came true for you.

I loveeee doing stuff like this – it just puts me in such a good frame of mind. If you’re anything like me, you probably can’t wait to get started. So I’ll leave you to it <3

Get the worksheet and manifest your new year!

Happy manifesting!

spirituallyempowered manifest incredible 2018


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