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How I supercharge my manifesting with healing crystals

Let’s talk about CRYSTALS.

Beautiful, shiny crystals.

They’re kind of like a gift to us humans from Mother Nature.

Here’s why I’m not worried about sounding weird throughout this post. If you’ve found yourself reading a blog like mine, you’ve definitely heard of healing crystals.

You more than likely have an interest of some sort in crystals, and why spiritual people are so obsessed with them – or you might even own a few yourself.

And if none of that applies – you’re curious. The universe has lead you to yet another article about crystals and you’re ready to explore.

That’s exactly how I got into them. This time last year, I knew nothing about crystals. But throughout the twists and turns of my ongoing spiritual journey, crystals kept popping up everywhere – on my Instagram, my Pinterest feed, blog articles I’d come across – until one day I decided to purchase some.

Since that day, they’ve become a huge part of my manifesting, my spirituality, my rituals and my life. They do so much for me, and yet I still haven’t even scratched the surface with them. I still have so much more to learn and so much more to try.

crystals rose quartz citrine candle

Why crystals?

Crystals aren’t some new fad that people are jumping on – they’re millions of years old. And ancient cultures have been using them to heal and bring good luck for centuries.

And that’s what makes me feel good about it. If a ritual or practice derives from ancient times, I’m more likely to trust it and explore it than something that’s come about now, where everything is about making money.

There is so much wisdom and authenticity in the spiritual practices of ancient cultures. Things like healing with crystals, burning sage, meditation – to name just a few – these practices all come from ancient times where people were very, very spiritual. And I always wonder how – how they knew to do all of this stuff, how they were so connected.

Nowadays, you’ll commonly find crystals used in holistic practices, reiki, and even massages (hot stone massage, anyone?!) – and hey – if you’re reading this from a device with an LCD screen, that’s thanks to a crystal too.

crystals and candles little life changer

Crystals are so much more than beautiful stones. They absorb and emit energy – which is why they’re so popular when it comes to spirituality.

They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and each one can be used for a specific purpose – ranging from healing physical issues like pain, calming and soothing during bouts of depression and anxiety to fixing spiritual imbalances with chakra healing.

How I use my crystals



You can program your crystals to help you manifest a specific goal in 3 steps:

Step 1 – Cleanse

When you first receive a crystal, the first thing you should do is cleanse and energise it. Never skip this step – your new crystal will have absorbed the energy (which could have been negative) of anyone who has touched it, and also the energy from the environment it was in before it reached you.

There are many easy ways to clean your crystals. When I get a brand-new crystal, I let it sit in a bowl of sea salt and water overnight. Then I rinse off with cold, running water the next day, and throw the salt water out. Salt is known to absorb negative energies, so you’ll want to get rid of that ASAP.

Not all crystals can be cleaned like this – salt can destroy certain crystals, as can water, so make sure you research first! A quick Google can tell you everything you need to know about your new crystal and how best to clean it.

cleansing crystal with incenseThe salt water is like a deep clean for my crystals, but I also clean my crystals whenever I want to reprogram them. My regular cleaning method is smudging – which means running them through the smoke of incense. Any incense will do, but I normally go for Sage or Frankincense which are known to clear negative energy. I love cleaning my stones with incense – they look so shiny afterwards!

Step 2 – Energise

Once your crystal is clear of any previous energy – it’s time to bring it to life. Kind of like waking it up – this next step will allow it to release its own, pure energies again.

There are many different ways you can do this including water submersion or physical contact – so rubbing the crystal in the warmth of your hands, for example. My favourite way to energise my crystals is by giving them sun and moon baths. The sun and moon have very strong, natural energy that is great for the crystals.

I put them on the windowsill – normally during a full moon when it’s nice and bright and the energy is super powerful (sometimes I leave them outside in the garden too). And then I just let them sit and absorb the energy overnight.

I remove them in the morning when they’ve had a chance to absorb the contrasting energy from the sunlight.  I gave my crystals a moon bath during the recent supermoon we had in the sign of Gemini – I feel like they really liked that, LOL. The next morning they were sooooo sparkly!

Step 3 – Program

A cleansed and energised crystal is a crystal that’s ready to be programmed to help you manifest your desires! All you have to do is hold the crystal in your hand and think of the desire you would like it to help you manifest.

It might sound a little crazy – but ask the crystal to help you in your mind. Know that the purest energy you awakened from the crystal when you energised it, is mixing and blending and flowing, with your energy that it’s absorbing, right there in your hand.

All that energy is doing something. It has to be. Trust it.

crystals candles littlelifechanger

I like to write down the desire on a small piece of paper, fold it up and keep the crystal on top of it. However you ask, just know that the positive action you’ve taken with this crystal is sending an amazing message to the universe.

You should check out my Pinterest board on Healing Crystals by the way – I’ve pinned loads more ideas on cleansing, charging, programming and great uses for your crystals.

Positive energy

It’s funny but I do feel a connection with my little gemstones. I really do. And every time I look at one or hold one I feel it. They are like a positivity trigger – every time I see them I am reminded to keep my thoughts positive.

crystals in trinket dish

I keep a majority of my crystals in a little trinket dish (pictured above) on my bedside table, so I see them every day. I keep the area around them clean. I have my amazing essential oil diffuser nearby to purify the air around them. I really put a lot of effort into taking care of them!

The more you treat them with respect, like living things, the more you’ll get out of using them. Keep them in a clean space, don’t let them get dusty or dirty. Keep the energy within them pure and positive.

I researched all the different uses each crystal is good for and tend to use them according to what I’m feeling or thinking when I feel I need it. A few examples:

rose quartz crystalIf I’m feeling anxious about a money issue, I’ll hold my Citrine crystal, which is said to attract wealth and abundance.

If I’m having a relationship issue of any kind, I’ll hold my Rose Quartz, which is used to attract love, heal emotional trauma and encourage compassion.

I’ll keep my Tigers’s Eye close to me if I’m having writer’s block or feeling uninspired – this stone is associated with sun energy and is said to encourage a positive attitude.

I used to have some anxiety around driving, so I now keep Black Tourmaline in my car. This crystal is used to protect you from negative energy, and also absorbs negative energy from electrical equipment.

Better sleep

I used to have some trouble sleeping. I found through my research that Rose Quartz was a calming stone that could promote a restful night’s sleep, so I started sleeping with it under my pillow. It really helped – I did feel I slept a lot better when I did that. I also remember having slightly more vivid dreams.


citrine and candle crystalsI like to a hold a crystal in each hand while I meditate. I just find them to be very calming and relaxing. Also – I feel it’s the perfect time to work with crystals and absorb some of their positive energy because your mind is quiet and your subconscious is receptive.

Sometimes I’ll hold a Lapis Lazuli, or lie with it on my forehead as that’s very good for stimulating the 3rd eye chakra and encouraging spiritual visions, but lately it’s been my Rose Quartz and my Citrine, just because they’re my two favourites.

Having said all of this, you don’t really have to do anything with your crystals except keep them around. Once you’ve cleansed and energised them, just having them placed around the house or in your pocket or bag is enough to keep the positive energy flowing around you.

And yeah, haters will say it’s not real. But manifesting your desires is all about feeling good – so if something is making you feel good – that’s all that matters.

I’m really looking forward to learning more about crystals and what can be done with them. Don’t forget to follow my Healing Crystals Pinterest board so you can learn along with me – there is soooo much more information on there.

Happy manifesting!

This post contains affiliate links to products I use and love! Read my disclosure for more info!

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