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The ONE affirmation you need to stay positive and productive

I’ve been practising a new affirmation.

It’s very simple, yet extremely effective.

In this post – I told you about setting a theme for your year and taking actions that relate back to that theme. The theme I chose for my 2018 was action and initiative.

And deciding on a theme for your year is a MUST if you haven’t done so already, because so far, without even consciously trying to – I’ve been taking a lot of action and initiative.

I think that simply setting the intention and putting that energy out there does something amazing for the subconscious.

Anyway – so far, so good – I would say January has been one of the most productive months of my life. My motivation has been sky-high, and my self-discipline, which is something I’m REALLY trying to work on this year – has improved too.

Wanna know why? It’s this affirmation I’m using. It’s working WONDERS.

So here it is:

I am in charge.


I know, I know. But I told you it was simple. The best affirmations always are.

Simple, but packed with beautiful truth and profound meaning.

3 reasons why this affirmation works

It serves as an important reminder.

First and foremost, this is exactly why this affirmation is so motivational. Sometimes, it can feel like life is just throwing stuff at us for fun.

Problem, after issue, after setback.

Of course, we can focus on the positive and shift our perspectives – but let’s be real for a sec. We’re human and sometimes we get down.

And in these moments, it’s so easy to feel defeated and forget that we actually are in charge.

We’re in charge of our reaction to a situation.

We’re in charge of the decisions we make.

We’re in charge of our bodies.

We’re in charge of our thoughts.

That realisation alone has a powerful effect because it stops us from feeling like a victim of life’s uncontrollable circumstances. Instead, it releases the defeatist attitude and motivates us to tap into that power we have to make a change.

It encourages self-respect.

And by self-respect, I mean acknowledging and being proud of strong we are and how much control we actually do have. And letting that reflect in the way we treat, and speak to ourselves.

Let’s say you set a physical goal like going to the gym, but when the alarm goes off you feel a liiiittle too warm and cosy to get out of bed. That moment when you’re debating whether to hit the snooze or get up and get going is a good opportunity to remind yourself that YOU are in charge of reaching your goal.

Trust me – it’s a powerful motivator that will get you going every time.

YOU are in charge of making sure you feel good and do right by your body.

And when you achieve your goal, you feel pride.

You recognise that you tapped into an inner power, an ability to motivate yourself and execute discipline you didn’t even know you had. This leads to self-respect, which leads to more self-love.

And self-love leads to EVERYTHING GOOD.

It’s a realistic affirmation based on truth.

I believe that affirmations that are not truthful can be damaging and counterproductive. Repeating to yourself that you’re a millionaire ten times a day will not make you a millionaire.

The only way to make your subconscious mind believe something that isn’t real is to attach emotion and feeling to what you’re stating. But when you know deep down that you’re not a millionaire, how can you attach any genuine emotion to that statement?

If anything, you’re likely to experience a negative reaction to that statement, sometimes without even realising. Every time you say that affirmation, your brain will respond, ‘No you’re not!’.

Then all the positivity and the whole point of practising the affirmation goes out the window. Read this post for more about affirmations that work (and the ones that don’t).

I am in charge is an affirmation that is truthful. Your brain can’t argue with it. You are in charge.

And it’s adaptable – here’s how.

How to use this affirmation

This affirmation can be applied to any goal or task you need to complete, any feeling you want to control, any situation you’d like to change.

You can use ‘I am in charge’ on its own, or even swap it out for ‘I am in control’.

Tomayto, tomahto.

And you can add whatever it is that you’re in charge of at the end of the statement.

For example, this month I decided to really commit to my cardio routine again – three times a week. And in order for me to fit that in, I have to wake up at 5:50 am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Normally I like an early start – so it’s not too much of a problem. But for cardio?!?! Sacrificing precious sleep for an activity that I despise is a pretty big challenge.

Enter: my new favourite affirmation.

So far, I haven’t really struggled to wake up, but the affirmation has crushed the odd fleeting moments of ‘can I really be bothered for this’ that have arisen here and there.

Once you use it a few times, it just pops into your head at the exact moment you need it.

As soon as I start thinking: ‘Do you really wanna do this? Just get the extra hour of sleep and make up for it tomorrow!’ the affirmation has popped into my head.

I am in charge of reaching my goal to work out this morning.

Or even better:

I made a commitment to myself and I am in charge of keeping it.

That one works like a charm, because it makes me feel guilty for cancelling on myself last minute!

And it’s true – you wouldn’t do it to a friend, so why do it to yourself?!

Another example of how this affirmation works: last week, I experienced some problems with my site rebrand. Moving my blog over to another domain was a HASSLE.

I mean, in 2018 you’d think these things would be so simple. But it was not.

I won’t bore you with the details but the issue I experienced meant that I had to put everything blog-related on hold, which was very frustrating for me.

On one particular day, I got really worked up about it. I was trying to force the situation, make things work faster, thus creating resistance and getting no results.

At the peak of my frustration, I went outside and took some slow, deliberate deep breaths of fresh air. I reminded myself of the following:

I am in control of how I react to a situation, and if I’m feeling frustrated right now, I am in charge of changing this by making an effort to feel better.

And so I did (read how here!).

Simply reminding yourself that you are in charge is essential because it’s so easy to forget that truth.

I’ve seen this affirmation make such a positive change in my life since I started using it.

Try it – you’ll love it!

And if you do – you HAVE to let me know in the comments. Also – what are your favourite affirmations?

Don’t forget to follow SpirituallyEmpowered on Instagram for daily inspiration and more tips to live a happy, positive life!

Love <3 xx


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